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Version: QTrobot V2

Create your first application using QTrobot Studio

 Level:  Basic
 Goal:  learn how to program using QTrobot studio

This video tutorial guides you towards creating your first application (we also call it game) using QTrobot studio and run it on your QTrobot. You will particularly learn how to develop a game using QTrobot studio's blocks, how to sync it with the tablet and finally how to run and control the flow of the game using QTrobot Educator app.

For this tutorial We mostly use the basic blocks. Every program that you create should start with Start Block and everything else should be connected to it. If you don't connect other blocks to the start block the game will not work. You will also use Show Says Act Block to make QTrobot say some words and to make QTrobot show facial expressions. You can check the blocks below and continue with video tutorial.

Video Tutorial