Audio - FAQ

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This QTrobot FAQ is a summary of the issues from our Github repo. You can always open a new issue/feature request for any interfaces and we do our best to fix/implement them.

1.Can I stream microphone audio?

When using audio_common you just need to configure capture.launch file to use proper device, so our mic is hw:1,0. Running audio_capture it will create "/audio/audio" topic and on that topic you can listen to the mic, read data etc. There is already tutorial on that page how to set it up. You can also try this respeaker_ros and use some of this topics :

  • /sound_direction # Result of DoA
  • /sound_localization # Result of DoA as Pose
  • /is_speeching # Result of VAD
  • /audio # Raw audio
  • /speech_audio # Audio data while speeching

Last update: February 6, 2020